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Anonymous inquires :she didn't smoke weed in front of her mother, are you dumb? it was a hookah pen

i never said she smoked weed in front of her mother are you dumb?!

Anonymous inquires :My parents would kill me if I smoked weed and worse in front of them !! Lol but that's not good parenting if your letting your child smoke your basically encouraging them that drugs are ok, but that's my opinion.

My mom would also kill me if I smoked cigs or anything worse in front of them! :D Idk what her moms opinion on that is but if I was savs mom I would definitely not tolerate this haha

Anonymous inquires :How do u know she smoked inside of her car with her mom ??

There’s a snap video that’ve been posted but I don’t have it though

Anonymous inquires :Did savannah only sleep with jared and Steve ?

Nah I think she sleept with several other guys

Anonymous inquires :Could you post a recent picture of you ?

Anonymous inquires :Does sav's mom and/or dad know she smokes and smokes weed ?

Ya her mom knows she smokes bc she smoked in a car with her mom inside. But idk if her parents know that she smokes weed :D

Anonymous inquires :Savannah is definitely not a B wtf she's like a C or D

No you know it could be possible that she has a B bc if you have a “high” B nearly C and your boobs are sorta saggy then if you use push up bras you could still achieve the look of a C. I personally think she has a mid C, but she could also just have a B. Nah her breasts aren’t for sure a D! :D She’s just wearing push up bras all the time (:

Anonymous inquires :What's savannah's instagram?