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Anonymous inquires :where did u find that pic of them roller blading (not the one of the skates lol)

some savannah fansite on instagram! (:

Anonymous inquires :How do you know all this stuff about them?

I just follow them on instagram :D they post like everything there!

Anonymous inquires :Why are they all tweeting about school? Didn't they all graduate? I thought they'd be going to uni or college :/

Oh no babe :D The majority of them are seniors this year! Only a few like Alexis and daniella have graduated this year and are going to college (:

Liv is absolut perfection!! Imma go cry now bc I can’t look like her!
Anonymous inquires :The story of the day sav and jar first kissed was may 13 and they were smoking and they were "shotgunning" if that's even what it's called but it's when one person takes a hit of marijuana and holds the smoke in their mouth. They press their lips onto another person and open their mouth while the other person sucks the smoke in. And I believe leah felsher was there too because she answered this question on her tumblr before :))

Thank you for sharing the story with us!!! (:

Anonymous inquires :Are all the BBOD girls boobs real?

YES!!! They’re all still minors so I don’t think anyone of them had their boobs done! But they always buy bras from VS so it looks like they all have a size bigger :D