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Anonymous inquires :Hey.. can u post drinks that savvanah drink(starbucks and other).love your blog x

Yeah I’ll do it! (:

Anonymous inquires :What Sav would wear on a date?(:

Yeah that would be a cool and new guide! I’ll do it! (:

Anonymous inquires :outfits for going out (i.e. to the mall)

I’ll do it! (:

Anonymous inquires :How can I still dress like savannah if my school has a strict dress code?

Alright I’m going to do it in about an hour! (:

Savannah inspired school outfit! (:

First of all Savannahs wardrobe consists of a lot of basic clothes. She has a more sporty style then a girly style. But because of her long hair and her feminine body, it still looks very cute and stylish together.

Upper body part: tank tops, regular tees, tupe tops, muscle tank, crop tops, flannels, hoodie

Lower body part: jeans (barely ever), sweatpants, leggings!, high waisted shorts, athletic shorts, jean shorts

for shoes: flip flops, sandals, nike shoes, converse, vans, boots

I have to admit that I bought a lot of Savannah inspired clothes, just because  her style is so simple yet still so cute and sexy! (:

The stores she usually shops at are: LF, AF, Hollister, Target, Pacsun, Forever 21 and AA. But I usually shop at TW and H&M just because it’s not that expensive and I just want to get inspired by her and not totally copying her! (:

I hope this post helped you! If you still have any questions then just ask me! (:

Anonymous inquires :Can you please do like a guide to all the basic essentials Sav has in her wardrobe?(:

Yes absolutely! (:

Anonymous inquires :From where do u get all the snapchat photos of sav?!

Anonymous inquires :Did sav dye her hair blonde??

No I think it’s just a filter! (: